5 Summer Jobs That Keep You Living an Eco Lifestyle Outside

Summer means school and campus life is on break, but that doesn’t mean your eco lifestyle efforts need to go on break as well. Staying active outside and using green living initiatives can help keep your environmental efforts alive and can show friends and family at home your passion for green living.

Living an eco lifestyle does not simply mean recycling, but covers being outside and helping the environment as much as possible. During the summer months, finding a job that allows you to do that can be difficult. That’s why we put together a list of 5 summer jobs that keep you living an eco lifestyle while staying outside!

1. Camp Counselor

* Not only does this job get you outside, but you also get the chance to travel and interact with children. There are hundreds of camps all over the country looking for counselors with a passion for the activities these camps provide. A camps focus can range from bible study to BMX camps; whatever you have a passion for, there is a camp that will allow you to show and teach your passion to others while enjoying the outdoors.

* Pay: This all depends on the camp you coach at. Pay is typically $175-400 a week, in addition (most of the time) to free room and board.

2. Photographer

* Turn a hobby of yours into a money making summer job participating in something you love! There are countless websites that pay for photos as well as art galleries, tourist groups and individuals who will pay for quality photos. You can come up with your own site and sell your photos online, or use an organized website like www.istockphotos.com.

* Pay: You can charge whatever you want for your personal photos, but most website databases will pay you 20% of each sale.

3. Landscape Architect/Gardener

* This can be as businesslike or casual as you want to make it. By putting up signs in your community you can offer services as simple as mowing the lawn and weeding flower beds, to creating and making walkways and fountains. Make sure you’ve had experience with architecture before doing the harder jobs.

* Pay: Depending on the type of service rendered, you can make anywhere between $10-100 an hour from this organic living job.

4. Lifeguard

* This position needs prior training, but once you are Red Cross certified, you can turn a love of swimming into a summer job anywhere! The costs of a class ranges from $100-400 but the pay is usually much more than minimal wage so you make up that money in no time!

* Pay: Usually ranges around $9-15.

5. Bike Courier

* Turn the biking skills you acquired on campus into an outdoor summer job. This kind of job is particularly popular in cities, specifically NYC and LA, but can be found in other areas too. Lots of pizza and sub places that deliver might like the idea of a more eco friendly way of delivering their product. You can also offer your services to apartment buildings for delivering groceries.

* Pay: Depends on the store. Many couriers work on tips.