Common Parcel Problems in International Freight Services

Sending parcels through international freight services always require proper packaging. Courier companies consistently stress to their customers that when they send something, especially for overseas delivery, the item must be packed and sealed according to their strict guidelines. This is mainly because the long-distance travel can present various hazards to any parcel. Your item will be handled by many people and will be shipped with other packages of various shapes, sizes and content. There are risks every time you send out a package to another country. To help you take extra care in preparing your item for overseas delivery, here are some of the common problems that happen to parcels that aren’t packed properly.

During shipment handling, your parcel will be handled by various machines like forklifts, trucks, planes, ships, and even conveyor belts. The risk of your item being bumped and dropped is huge. Vibration and shock, especially if you’ve got fragile goods, can do considerable damage to your parcel. This is why proper cushioning is accentuated by courier companies. Bubble wraps, shock-absorbent polyethylene foam rolls, and packing peanuts are easily available cushioning materials that are ideal for packing items that are fragile and those that are a bit too small for their boxes.

As your parcel is stacked, transported and sorted with other packages, abrasions and punctures may happen if there’s an item that shifted inside its container due to substandard packing. Especially if you’ll be shipping fragile or other sensitive items, you can use layers of absorbent cellulose wadding that’s not just lightweight, but also liquid-absorbent and non-scratch. There are also polyethylene foam pouches that you can use when shipping fragile items or objects with sharp edges. Artworks, documents, photos, and other flat items should have corrugated cardboard pads to fill the packing and protect those items from being scratched and effects of careless handling.

Your shipped item may also have some scratches and other results of compression as force might be applied to all its sides and corners. Corrugated cardboard wrap can protect shipment like furniture, plated items, and glass from being chipped or scratched. Bubble wraps also come in handy against this particular delivery hazard.

Last but not the least, environmental factors bring risks to your shipment, too. Varying conditions like atmospheric pressures, humidity, corrosion, dust, and many others can make an impact on your parcel. You can take some measures to protect your item from these natural troubles. Polyethylene foam wraps are ideal shock-absorbing materials that can give your item maximum protection not only from vibration and scratches but also against moisture and dust. This material is even available in an anti-static variety.

Sending items through international freight services doesn’t come cheap. Knowing these potential problems your parcel can encounter will help you in how you can pack your shipment so that it will be protected from these hazards.