Three Top Untapped Areas of Business for Couriers

Aside from passively conducting your delivery business (you set up shop and wait for customers), you can also actively seek out and engage with certain business areas that can help you earn consistently and lucratively. As a good, disciplined courier driver who respects their customers and values the concept of punctuality, you can dip your arm in these areas to enhance your company’s profitability.

Delivery of Court Filings

The filing of legal documents usually has tight, same-day deadlines, and serving this area requires a highly disciplined courier driver who can follow all the rules without being told and be resourceful regarding finding the best routes on the road. This is so because courthouses do not have either the manpower or time to send out and handle the documents themselves, and they need to outsource the delivery on a regular basis-daily, in fact. The large number of clients in this business area includes legal firms-the large ones with dozens of lawyers in them usually have to send out hundreds of legal documents each day-and these documents must be treated with utmost care. Drivers serving this particular area must also know the local requirements regarding the legal documents-whether they needed to be stamped, filed, or returned to the sender within a set time frame.

Passport Delivery

Another excellent area of business that can keep many a courier driver busy day in and day out is the processing of passports. Catering to the needs of those who want their passports processed and delivered can work both ways: you can pick up the passport requirements (proof of identity, police or security clearances, appropriate photos) and deliver them to the designated government agency (usually the foreign Affairs Office or its equivalent), or you can seal an agreement with the passport-issuing agency to have you pick up the finished passports and deliver them to customers. This is actually a highly lucrative business area as thousands of people every single day have their passports processed or renewed, and this is the kind of steady business most delivery companies will vie to get their foot in.

Serving the Consulate

Similar to passport deliveries, catering to the daily needs of the consulates in your area of operation can enable you to quickly turn in a profit, especially if your courier driver knows all the routes and shortcuts and is proficient in the use of GPS-enabled navigation devices. Consulates process a lot of documents and most have deliveries that must be picked up and taken to recipients several times each day. What’s more, as different documents bear different levels of priority, you can also differentiate the services you offer-from rush one-day deliveries to direct service deliveries. You will need to be thoroughly familiar with the consulates in your area of operation, especially in matters of processing and accuracy.

Courier Number Plates to Get You Noticed

Are you looking for new ways to differentiate your courier business? If you are, maybe the best way to make yourself stand out is with a new number plate. Every car on the road might have one, but somehow we always remember the personalised ones. So if you want to get yourself out there, then use your imagination and find a number plate that will get you noticed.

Nothing shouts about a prompt and reliable delivery service better than a number plate that tells all your competitors to keep up, or even K33PUP. If same-day delivery and fast service is your thing, then this is the number plate for you. Whilst this one might already be taken, you could consider SP33DY to show that you’re the fastest courier around, P4C3R to show that you can keep up with the pace, or even R4P1D to show that your deliveries are rapid too.

They always say that the best approach to life is to ensure that things do exactly what they say on the tin. The courier industry is certainly no exception to this rule, so what could be a better number plate for your van than C0UR13R? Everyone on the road will know exactly what it is you do, and might even be charmed into giving you a call next time they need something picked up or delivered. The chances are someone will already have snapped that one up but you might be able to find an alternative such as D3L1V3R or DR1V3R.

Everybody likes the companies they rely on to have something of an individual streak about them, so why not ensure that your courier business has a distinctive and appealing personality? Whether you shout the fact that you’re bubbly and vivacious with a number plate such as 8U88LY, or you focus on your more caring side by letting customers know that you’re there for them with something such as H3R3 4U, there are many number plates through which you can let the personality of your company come out.

And this logic doesn’t just apply to the courier world, but in most other realms of transport. You’re bound to have seen lorries heading down the motorway, and each and every one is personalised in one way or another, whether it’s flags or scarves in the windscreens, mascots on the dashboard or photos under the sunshades. However one lucky lorry driver will soon be able haul his loads sporting the number plate H4UUL, which is currently selling on E-bay for the bid price of £499. Other number plates that you might want to consider might be 10RRY 9UY so that everyone knows that you’re the lorry guy, or even B1G V4N to give all those smaller vans out there a bit of a laugh as you drive by.

So, if you’re looking for a way of making your courier business stand out from all the others out there, why not sit down with a pen and paper, and get creative! There are any number of combinations you can use to make the most innovative and memorable number plates around, with which you’re bound to get noticed.

How To Renew A British Passport In The US

Renewing a British passport from anywhere outside of the U.K itself can seem to be quite daunting. However, it does not have to be. By following these simple guidelines, you will soon realize that renewing your British passport from the U.S is not necessarily the most stressful task. We will deal with where to get the application form, photo standards, supporting documents as well as where and how to send your British passport renewal application forms.

Finding and Filling Out the British Passport Renewal Application:

You do not have to visit the British embassy or a British consulate within the U.S in order to get your hands on a British passport renewal application form. The application forms as well as guidance notes for filling out the forms are available online along with other general information. You can select the “smart application form” which allows you to fill in your information on the screen, print and sign; or the “blank application from” which you must first print, fill in and sign.

Document Requirements

Supporting documents to be sent with your British passport renewal application form:

A full explanation on the supporting documents to be submitted is given in great detail within the guidance form. For renewing a new red passport you will require:

  • Two passport photos
  • Passport application form (C1)
  • Old passport
  • Passport fees

Passport Photo Requirements

You must include two identical, recent (within a month) and professional photos with your passport renewal application. There are strict standards to adhere to regarding these photos. Some of the most important are listed below.

  • The photos must be 45mm high and 35 mm wide.
  • You must have a neutral expression (mouth closed).
  • Nothing should cover your face or head.
  • The background must be plain light grey or cream in color.
  • The photo must be in colour.

If you are renewing an old black or blue passport, you will have to treat it as if you re applying for your very first passport which basically means that you will exclude your old passport from the supporting documents.

You can post your application form to the British embassy by courier which is definitely the preferred and recommended method. This way you are assured that your application will arrive at the embassy securely and that your new passport will get back to you as safely and as quickly as possible. The address to which you must send your passport renewal application is listed on the form instructions.

Processing Times

Renewing a newer red passport will take at least four weeks whereas renewing the older blue or black passport can take at least six weeks. These periods can be prolonged further if you have not sent along the correct supporting documents or if your photos have been rejected due to failing to comply with the exact photo standards.

If you read the guidelines correctly and follow through with the clear requirements, there should be no reason for your British passport renewal not to run as smoothly as possible.

5 Useful Gadgets for Courier Jobs

Delivery drivers can make use of a number of useful gadgets when they carry out courier jobs on a regular basis. Some gadgets can help them to get even more out of their work and improve their efficiency, whereas other gadgets might just be useful to have around.

Here are five items that drivers might find particularly useful when they are carrying out courier jobs every day.

1. Smartphone

Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days, but for anyone carrying out delivery jobs they can be especially useful. The best thing about smartphones is that they come with a range of apps which can help drivers in a number of situations. There are apps to help you find your parking space, to find places to eat when you are driving in unfamiliar territory, to find the nearest gas station, and many more, all of which can be accessed using a smartphone.

2. Digital Camera

A digital camera is very important for any delivery driver in case they are involved in any incidents on the road. If you have a crash then it is a very good idea to take photos of the scenario to help with any insurance claims, and this can help to save a lot of hassle.

3. Sat Nav

A sat nav is an essential gadget for all professional drivers, especially if you are often making deliveries in areas which you are not familiar with. A sat nav can help you to arrive at your destination quicker and can prevent enormous frustration from getting lost, so it is well worth having one of these with you in the vehicle on courier jobs.

4. Hands-Free Kit

If you need to talk whilst you are in your vehicle then it is a very bad idea to use your handset. However, a hands-free kit can help you to keep all of your attention on the road whilst you speak to your boss or customers on the cell phone. Of course, it is always better to stop off to make calls, but a hands-free kit can help you out when this is not possible.

5. USB Power Adaptor

You don’t want your crucial gadgets to run out of power when you most need them, so it is a good idea to purchase a USB power adaptor. This plugs into the cigarette lighter and can then be used to charge your phone and other gadgets so that you never have to worry about them running out of power.

Consider These Useful Gadgets

All of these gadgets may be particularly useful for drivers carrying out courier jobs on a daily basis, so, if that’s you, consider adding a few of these to your collection. There are many more gadgets which you may find useful, so do a bit of research and start making your life a whole lot easier!