US Tourist Visa For Thai Nationals

If you are a Thai living in the Kingdom, yet you are still fascinated with the beauty of the United States of America, applying for a Tourist visa is a way for you to enter the so-called “Land of the Free.” What then must you do?

First and foremost, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal assistance. Make sure that the lawyers you will be consulting are adept in handling US Tourist Visa applications for Thais. Their guidance will surely make things a lot easier for you.

But before you embark on the application process, there is a sad reality you have to face about the rate of approval of tourist visas. It is not as easy as
Americans getting an approval of their visas from the Thai government. It is oftentimes difficult to secure an approval for Thai nationals so it is advisable not to keep your hopes up. Expect the unexpected as the cliché goes.

The denial of the application for a US Tourist visa in Bangkok depends on so many factors. The two common reasons are the lack of requirements or the inability to prove strong ties to the home country.

Pre-Application Preparations

The kinds of tourist visa applications could be categorized informally into two: a) the normal application; and b) the sponsored application. With the normal application, you have to everything on your own and nobody from the US helps you.

The sponsored application, on the other hand, involves a second party coming from the US. This applies to cases where you get an invitation to come to the US. Its process could however, be confusing as you and your sponsor need to present a lot of documents.

Now, to make the sponsored application easily comprehensible, let us discuss this example: A US citizen meets a Thai girl through chat, and invites her to come to the US for a tour. Here is the process to follow in order to obtain a Tourist visa for the Thai girl:

First, she has to convince the immigration officer in the US Embassy that she will not stay in the US permanently and that she promises to go back to Thailand as soon as the visa expires. To support this claim, she must possess a stable job. An employment letter or contract, as well as copies of the income tax and pay slips can be utilized as proofs.

If the girl works, or has worked in nightclubs, it is strongly advised that she thinks twice before declaring it. Chances are, the visa will be denied since the presumption of prostitution holds.

Another way to support the tourist visa application is to present documents proving that she owns properties in Thailand, which she cannot abandon thus lessens the chances of staying permanently in the US. Examples of strong evidences are Car Registration Certificates; Land and Home Title Deeds; Mortgage Agreements; Business Registration Certificates; and Savings Account.

In case the sponsor deposits money to the Thai girl’s bank account in order to validate her financial capacity, the sponsor must make sure that the deposit is not a lump sum.

In order to better increase the approval rate of her US Tourist Visa, the Thai girl should also disclose to the embassy the presence of her dependents. This serves as another assurance that she will not stay in the US permanently.

It is a meticulous process since the challenge is to convince the immigration officer that Thai girl do not desire to settle permanently in the country.


Here is a step-by-step guide in applying for a US Tourist Visa in Thailand:

1. Obtain Visa Information and Appointment Services PIN. It can be purchased through the use of credit cards. This number will later on be used on the other segments of the visa application process.

2. Schedule the interview. You have to contact the embassy through phone (001-800-13-202-2457) or through their website (, and make an appointment with the immigration officer for your interview.

3. Pay the processing fee. Please be informed that this is non-refundable. Paying this, however, does not assure you of an approved visa.

4. Purchase a courier envelope. This is important since the envelope has a bar code, associated with your mailing address. It should be brought along during the interview, and could be purchased only at the Mae Ping or Chiang Mai University Post Office.

5. Fill out the Application Forms. The Form DS-156 (Electronic Visa Application Form) must be completed in English language. It can be downloaded from Answer it properly because failing to do so might result to denial of the interview. Remember to print the third page with the barcode.

Also, paste the 2 x 2 photo in the form. Do not staple it. It has to be taken within 6 months, on white background and has no borders. Please be reminded that 50% of the photo must comprise your face and you have to show your ears.

Afterwards, fill out the DS-157. It is a supplemental application form for tourists.

6. Come to the interview. It is important to be punctual on the day of your interview, around 30 minutes early. You will have a confirmation first of your appointment as well as payment and then your form will undergo verification prior to the interview. After verification, your form, passport and requirements will be collected. A queue number will then be given to you and you have to wait for your turn to be interviewed.

There will be two (2) interviews. One will be for verification and the other will be with the Consular Officer.

7. Receive your visa and passport. If approved, you will receive your visa within four (4) working days. It will be sent to you through courier or you can pick it up at the Mae Ping or Chiang Mai University Post Office.

The process may seem so easy to do alone, but in reality, obtaining a US Tourist Visa for Thai nationals is one meticulous thing to do. Thus, as previously advised, it is better to seek legal and professional assistance first.

Love Motorcycles? Career Ideas for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

While many people think of motorcyclists as those who love to ride as a hobby or only in their spare-time, there are some individuals who are lucky enough to be able to use their motorcycle as part of their job. Just like a moving company has a truck, some people have motorcycles that are essential to their jobs. If you’ve ever considered using your bike as part of your career, here are a few job ideas to get you started!

Racing and Stunt Driving

Obviously, you can use your motorcycle to start a career as a stunt driver or motorcycle racer. This may require a top-of-the-line bike and some hefty health insurance coverage, but can definitely be worthwhile if you’ve got the skills to prove your worth! And if you’re feeling really risky, it may be time to hit road and pull your stunt skills full-time with a daredevil carnival act!

Police Office or Security Guard

If you have a security background or training and enjoy spending time on your bike, certain careers in the security industry may allow you to combine both work and play. As a security guard or police officer, you can help others and patrol grounds while doing it in style! Security guards and police officers oftentimes take advantage of a motorcycle’s mobility to work carnivals, parades, and other large events.

Test Driver

Motorcycle companies will lend out their bikes to test drivers to try out and write reviews for national magazines and online motorcyclist websites. If you’re knowledgeable about motorcycles and enjoy trying out bikes that haven’t even hit the market yet, this may be a great way to combine what you know and love into a fulfilling career!

Motorcycle Courier

While delivering pizzas on a bike may be difficult unless you have really wide saddlebags, there are things that you can deliver and transport on a motorcycle. Motorcycle couriers are individuals who deliver or transport things to and from locations. Time sensitive court documents and paperwork are some items delivered by motorcycle couriers who can navigate through busy cities and traffic better than larger vehicles.

Travel Writer and Photographer

What better way to hit the road than with a quality camera and some portable technology. For those with a traveling spirit and an eye for great landscape shots, motorcyclists who have the time and energy to travel the world may enjoy doing so from the seat of their bike! Travel to exotic and unknown places on your bike, snap some photos and write about the area. Sell your work as freelance or start up your own online blog or website to share your adventures with the world!


If you’re more the hands-on, “behind the scenes” type and enjoy the mechanics of a motorcycle, you could always consider a mechanic job focusing on improving and fixing motorcycles for others. Knowledge of how a bike works is required for this technical kind of position, but can be extremely rewarding and fun for those who like a challenge and don’t mind getting their hands dirty!

Motorcycle Sales

For those of you that love motorcycles and have a knack for selling, a motorcycle salesman may be the ultimate job. An added bonus about this career path is that you’re more likely to be successful if you’re genuinely enthusiastic about the items you are selling. Helping other motorcycle enthusiasts gear up with the right equipment is also another great job for those that can’t get motorcycling off the brain. Biker clothing and apparel is becoming a booming business with the growing number of men and women getting into motorcycling for the first time.

3 Effectively ‘Viral’ Ways to Get More Self Employed Courier Jobs

For those who are just starting to take on self employed courier jobs, it’s an uphill battle to obtain critical mass as far as customers are concerned. You need to instigate certain clever marketing activities that will enable your business to become ‘viral’ enough to be known to a lot of potential customers. For starters, here are three of the best viral marketing strategies that could take your business to the next level.

‘Humanise’ your Social Media Page

Many people who take on self employed courier jobs perfunctorily start a social media page (usually on Google+ or Facebook) then somehow fail to follow-through or neglect updating it to keep interest alive. That’s why so many social media pages end up as empty ‘memorials’, sadly under utilised. For one thing, social media is driven by people-potential customers who avidly engage in anything they find interesting on the Internet. If that ‘interesting thing’ happens to be related to the business you’re running, then your business’ name is elevated along with the popularity of your post. To keep interest and engagement up, keep your social media page alive by regularly updating it with ‘humanising’ elements, including posts about the people you meet everyday, photos of your delivery trucks making a customer happy, or stories about when you went above and beyond the call of duty.

Use Your Own Car as an Advertising Vehicle

You’ve probably seen one of those taxicabs bearing a lit up advertising sign for a particular business. You can do that, too, to get a boost in the number of self employed courier jobs you’re getting. One way to accomplish this is by using magnetic signs, which are pretty cheap considering how much advertising mileage you’ll get from them. You can put the magnetic sign (containing your best service offers, contact details, and a slogan) on the side of your car or any other surface that gets exposure, thereby transforming your delivery vehicle into a 24-hour-a-day advertisement. As you do your job delivering packages to customers, people will see your van and become familiar with your business’ name.

Do Really Great Work

Nothing gets word of mouth going better than by ensuring that each time you accomplish a delivery job the customer is utterly satisfied. ‘Blown away’ may be a tad too much, but that’s something to aim for. The thing is, performing your work to the highest level of professionalism and maintaining a strong work ethic should be something you’re already doing. Do your job, and do it well, end of story. People remember the kind, polite, courteous, and awesome service they received-whether it’s from a courier or a pizza delivery guy-and they tend to make repeat business with that person. Do this consistently and, in time, you will be getting a steady stream of in-bound self employed courier jobs.

5 Must-Have Gadgets to Speed Up Courier Jobs

Do you find yourself constantly scrambling trying to keep pace with the demands of courier jobs piling up left and right? Find out how to survive and thrive in the courier fast lane.

When it comes to speeding up deliveries and meeting deadlines on various courier jobs, technology can be your most powerful ally. All delivery drivers should be fully equipped with useful gadgets to enhance efficiency. In fact, instead of contemplating hiring additional manpower, you may just need to upgrade and invest in certain gadgets that help get the job done right and on time.

Here are the top five indispensable gadgets every professional driver should have on hand to carry out courier jobs on time, all the time.

1. Smartphone

In this fast paced world, a smartphone has become an indispensable gadget, especially for anyone in the transport industry. With the full range of apps readily available, it can be the invaluable lifeline one needs to manoeuver around certain situations and challenges, especially when you are working against time. Whether it’s navigating unfamiliar territories or finding a parking space or the nearest gas station, all this information can be conveniently accessed with a few clicks of the button.

2. Digital Camera

How does a digital camera become an invaluable tool for courier jobs, you ask? When constantly on the road, one can’t be too prepared. A camera can prove to be very handy for documenting mishaps. For example, it is always a good idea to take photos of road accidents and crashes, no matter how minor, as it can be very important when processing insurance claims.

3. Sat Nav

Every professional driver, whether you are in the transport business or not should be equipped with a Sat Nav. This is especially useful for carrying out delivery jobs in areas that you are not really familiar with. This will prove to be an indispensable gadget if you want to consistently arrive at your destination on time or possibly quicker. It also cuts down the risks and frustration of getting lost.

4. Hands-Free Kit

Taking important calls while driving is made possible with a nifty hand-free kit that helps you talk while keeping your focus on the road. Whether it’s updating the boss or contacting a customer, hands-free kits save you from the hassle of having to stop just to take an important call.

5. USB Power Adaptor

With all your essential gadgets keeping you company, you definitely don’t want to run the risk of rendering everything helpless simply because you have run out of batteries. This is why it makes sense to invest in a USB power adaptor, which you can simply plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to charge your phone or any other gadget.

Making Smart Investments

When running your business and ensuring all courier jobs are carried out seamlessly, the above mentioned gadgets can easily become a strategic investment. Not only will they help you enhance efficiency and build up a solid reputation as a reliable provider, they can also present an important ally in the face of danger and unforeseen situations.