Trash the Wedding Dress and Treasure the Wedding Photos

Believe it or not, the latest trend in wedding photography is to trash the wedding dress and have photographs taken while you are doing it!

That beautiful wedding dress that the brides poor Dad paid $2,000, or more, ruined while the bride and groom roll round in the surf and sand trying to emulate Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr’s famous kiss in From Here To Eternity.

As announced in the Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper, Canadian Tammy Roche married a typical Aussie bloke and wanted to have an iconic Australian image to celebrate the union. She also wanted something different.

Trouble was that Tammy married her partner, Mark Barefoot in the snow at Banff, Canada in December last year.

So what she did was later trash her wedding dress while wading through the pounding surf at the Gold Coast and rolling round in the sand with the high-rises of Surfers Paradise City in the background in a photographic tribute to her marriage.

The result is a compelling set of images where a $2,000 wedding dress plays second fiddle to the fun-loving photos. The couple’s decision to trash Tammy’s wedding dress after their wedding day is a concept that has taken off in the US. and Canada and now spread to Australia.

Website, trash the dress.wordpress, Founder, Mark Eric says that trashing the dress is an opportunity to break from tradition and have fun while producing some striking, if unconventional, photos. His website shows brides floating lakes, lying on sandy beaches or standing stranded in sandy deserts.

Eric says that the main idea behind the trash the wedding dress session is that it is okay to break from tradition, even if it means getting the wedding dress a little dirty.

And by the way, Tammy paid for her wedding dress herself and it was far from destroyed. After washing the wedding dress carefully herself it was none the worse for her passionate love making on the sand and in the sea.

Photo Canvas Printing – 5 Must-Have Features

Photos on canvas art is taking the world by storm. People enjoy displaying their most beautiful pictures on the walls of their home, office or business. They can show off their artistic talents or use it as a way to keep their loved ones closer. Seeing their faces up close every day is much more intimate than having their pictures stuck in an album or computer file.

If you are considering ordering a photo canvas, find a reputable photo canvas printing firm that is known to deliver quality craftsmanship. They should also offer you a number of choices and features.

  1. Image format – An established firm specializing in photos to canvas art will not turn you down just because you do not have a digital camera. They will accept digital files, but also traditional photo negatives or slides. It does not matter what media you are using for your photos, your photo canvas supplier should have the equipment to scan all photo types. He should be able to handle anything from jpg and gif, to jpeg and zip files. While file size does matter, you should be able to upload files up to 30 Meg (MB).
  2. Quality coated canvas material – Before placing your online order, check the website of your fine art and photo canvas printing supplier for information on the type of canvas he is using. You want a canvas that will last, especially when well maintained and protected from direct sunlight. Tests have shown that a quality photo canvas, properly displayed, can last up to a century, if not longer.
  3. Your photos to canvas supplier should use 100% cotton, water resistant canvas, as well as archival pigment ink. Your piece should be finished with a liquid laminate coating to ensure that your piece is UV protected and colour stable for a long time.

  4. Superior craftsmanship – Canvas printing is a contemporary new way of displaying favourite photographs or artwork. It should be done right, first time around. Ask the printing technician what mounting techniques his company uses. After the prints have been properly trimmed, quality canvasses are usually stretched over a timber stretcher bar frame. A drawstring will tie the back together. The back is then finished with tape, so the print will always stay in place. The completed art piece will then be packaged and dispatched via courier.
  5. Additional services – Not all photographs are perfect. Some have marks, scratches or other blemishes. That should actually not stop you from requesting your canvas printer to put these photos on canvas. A qualified canvas printing expert should have no trouble fixing these flaws. He can also enhance your prints by fixing faded tones and colours. They should also be able to bring most damaged photos back to life.
  6. Great customer service – Whether you are familiar with photos to canvas printing or not, you should be able to contact your canvas and fine arts printing supplier by phone, email, or in person – if you live in the same area. All your questions, no matter how basic, should be answered promptly and knowledgeably.

Three Top Untapped Areas of Business for Couriers

Aside from passively conducting your delivery business (you set up shop and wait for customers), you can also actively seek out and engage with certain business areas that can help you earn consistently and lucratively. As a good, disciplined courier driver who respects their customers and values the concept of punctuality, you can dip your arm in these areas to enhance your company’s profitability.

Delivery of Court Filings

The filing of legal documents usually has tight, same-day deadlines, and serving this area requires a highly disciplined courier driver who can follow all the rules without being told and be resourceful regarding finding the best routes on the road. This is so because courthouses do not have either the manpower or time to send out and handle the documents themselves, and they need to outsource the delivery on a regular basis-daily, in fact. The large number of clients in this business area includes legal firms-the large ones with dozens of lawyers in them usually have to send out hundreds of legal documents each day-and these documents must be treated with utmost care. Drivers serving this particular area must also know the local requirements regarding the legal documents-whether they needed to be stamped, filed, or returned to the sender within a set time frame.

Passport Delivery

Another excellent area of business that can keep many a courier driver busy day in and day out is the processing of passports. Catering to the needs of those who want their passports processed and delivered can work both ways: you can pick up the passport requirements (proof of identity, police or security clearances, appropriate photos) and deliver them to the designated government agency (usually the foreign Affairs Office or its equivalent), or you can seal an agreement with the passport-issuing agency to have you pick up the finished passports and deliver them to customers. This is actually a highly lucrative business area as thousands of people every single day have their passports processed or renewed, and this is the kind of steady business most delivery companies will vie to get their foot in.

Serving the Consulate

Similar to passport deliveries, catering to the daily needs of the consulates in your area of operation can enable you to quickly turn in a profit, especially if your courier driver knows all the routes and shortcuts and is proficient in the use of GPS-enabled navigation devices. Consulates process a lot of documents and most have deliveries that must be picked up and taken to recipients several times each day. What’s more, as different documents bear different levels of priority, you can also differentiate the services you offer-from rush one-day deliveries to direct service deliveries. You will need to be thoroughly familiar with the consulates in your area of operation, especially in matters of processing and accuracy.

Courier Number Plates to Get You Noticed

Are you looking for new ways to differentiate your courier business? If you are, maybe the best way to make yourself stand out is with a new number plate. Every car on the road might have one, but somehow we always remember the personalised ones. So if you want to get yourself out there, then use your imagination and find a number plate that will get you noticed.

Nothing shouts about a prompt and reliable delivery service better than a number plate that tells all your competitors to keep up, or even K33PUP. If same-day delivery and fast service is your thing, then this is the number plate for you. Whilst this one might already be taken, you could consider SP33DY to show that you’re the fastest courier around, P4C3R to show that you can keep up with the pace, or even R4P1D to show that your deliveries are rapid too.

They always say that the best approach to life is to ensure that things do exactly what they say on the tin. The courier industry is certainly no exception to this rule, so what could be a better number plate for your van than C0UR13R? Everyone on the road will know exactly what it is you do, and might even be charmed into giving you a call next time they need something picked up or delivered. The chances are someone will already have snapped that one up but you might be able to find an alternative such as D3L1V3R or DR1V3R.

Everybody likes the companies they rely on to have something of an individual streak about them, so why not ensure that your courier business has a distinctive and appealing personality? Whether you shout the fact that you’re bubbly and vivacious with a number plate such as 8U88LY, or you focus on your more caring side by letting customers know that you’re there for them with something such as H3R3 4U, there are many number plates through which you can let the personality of your company come out.

And this logic doesn’t just apply to the courier world, but in most other realms of transport. You’re bound to have seen lorries heading down the motorway, and each and every one is personalised in one way or another, whether it’s flags or scarves in the windscreens, mascots on the dashboard or photos under the sunshades. However one lucky lorry driver will soon be able haul his loads sporting the number plate H4UUL, which is currently selling on E-bay for the bid price of £499. Other number plates that you might want to consider might be 10RRY 9UY so that everyone knows that you’re the lorry guy, or even B1G V4N to give all those smaller vans out there a bit of a laugh as you drive by.

So, if you’re looking for a way of making your courier business stand out from all the others out there, why not sit down with a pen and paper, and get creative! There are any number of combinations you can use to make the most innovative and memorable number plates around, with which you’re bound to get noticed.