5 Useful Gadgets for Courier Jobs

Delivery drivers can make use of a number of useful gadgets when they carry out courier jobs on a regular basis. Some gadgets can help them to get even more out of their work and improve their efficiency, whereas other gadgets might just be useful to have around.

Here are five items that drivers might find particularly useful when they are carrying out courier jobs every day.

1. Smartphone

Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days, but for anyone carrying out delivery jobs they can be especially useful. The best thing about smartphones is that they come with a range of apps which can help drivers in a number of situations. There are apps to help you find your parking space, to find places to eat when you are driving in unfamiliar territory, to find the nearest gas station, and many more, all of which can be accessed using a smartphone.

2. Digital Camera

A digital camera is very important for any delivery driver in case they are involved in any incidents on the road. If you have a crash then it is a very good idea to take photos of the scenario to help with any insurance claims, and this can help to save a lot of hassle.

3. Sat Nav

A sat nav is an essential gadget for all professional drivers, especially if you are often making deliveries in areas which you are not familiar with. A sat nav can help you to arrive at your destination quicker and can prevent enormous frustration from getting lost, so it is well worth having one of these with you in the vehicle on courier jobs.

4. Hands-Free Kit

If you need to talk whilst you are in your vehicle then it is a very bad idea to use your handset. However, a hands-free kit can help you to keep all of your attention on the road whilst you speak to your boss or customers on the cell phone. Of course, it is always better to stop off to make calls, but a hands-free kit can help you out when this is not possible.

5. USB Power Adaptor

You don’t want your crucial gadgets to run out of power when you most need them, so it is a good idea to purchase a USB power adaptor. This plugs into the cigarette lighter and can then be used to charge your phone and other gadgets so that you never have to worry about them running out of power.

Consider These Useful Gadgets

All of these gadgets may be particularly useful for drivers carrying out courier jobs on a daily basis, so, if that’s you, consider adding a few of these to your collection. There are many more gadgets which you may find useful, so do a bit of research and start making your life a whole lot easier!

Common Parcel Problems in International Freight Services

Sending parcels through international freight services always require proper packaging. Courier companies consistently stress to their customers that when they send something, especially for overseas delivery, the item must be packed and sealed according to their strict guidelines. This is mainly because the long-distance travel can present various hazards to any parcel. Your item will be handled by many people and will be shipped with other packages of various shapes, sizes and content. There are risks every time you send out a package to another country. To help you take extra care in preparing your item for overseas delivery, here are some of the common problems that happen to parcels that aren’t packed properly.

During shipment handling, your parcel will be handled by various machines like forklifts, trucks, planes, ships, and even conveyor belts. The risk of your item being bumped and dropped is huge. Vibration and shock, especially if you’ve got fragile goods, can do considerable damage to your parcel. This is why proper cushioning is accentuated by courier companies. Bubble wraps, shock-absorbent polyethylene foam rolls, and packing peanuts are easily available cushioning materials that are ideal for packing items that are fragile and those that are a bit too small for their boxes.

As your parcel is stacked, transported and sorted with other packages, abrasions and punctures may happen if there’s an item that shifted inside its container due to substandard packing. Especially if you’ll be shipping fragile or other sensitive items, you can use layers of absorbent cellulose wadding that’s not just lightweight, but also liquid-absorbent and non-scratch. There are also polyethylene foam pouches that you can use when shipping fragile items or objects with sharp edges. Artworks, documents, photos, and other flat items should have corrugated cardboard pads to fill the packing and protect those items from being scratched and effects of careless handling.

Your shipped item may also have some scratches and other results of compression as force might be applied to all its sides and corners. Corrugated cardboard wrap can protect shipment like furniture, plated items, and glass from being chipped or scratched. Bubble wraps also come in handy against this particular delivery hazard.

Last but not the least, environmental factors bring risks to your shipment, too. Varying conditions like atmospheric pressures, humidity, corrosion, dust, and many others can make an impact on your parcel. You can take some measures to protect your item from these natural troubles. Polyethylene foam wraps are ideal shock-absorbing materials that can give your item maximum protection not only from vibration and scratches but also against moisture and dust. This material is even available in an anti-static variety.

Sending items through international freight services doesn’t come cheap. Knowing these potential problems your parcel can encounter will help you in how you can pack your shipment so that it will be protected from these hazards.

A GPS Vehicle Tracking System Can Help Anyone

Recently, my neighbor’s truck was stolen in his driveway. If he had invested in a GPS Vehicle Tracking System, the thief would have been apprehended because GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are able to assist the police in tracking down vehicles with practically no problem.

After most GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are installed, you can program the system to send calls to your cell phone, blackberry, and other communication devices. The GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems will then notify your communication device when someone is tampering with your vehicle. Some GPS Tracking Systems will even allow you to locate your vehicle via the internet.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are excellent for monitoring teens driving habits with
real-time vehicle location with photos. Some GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems will even monitor a driver’s speed with alerts.

Fleet Managers are using GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for asset tracking, for tracking and monitoring employees and vehicles, to stop employee moonlighting, to recoup time and money, to increase productivity, and decrease fuel costs.

Construction Equipment Owners are using GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems to actively manage vehicles, for anti-theft support, to increase productivity, to decrease fuel costs and for continuous on/off reporting.

Car Rental Managers are using GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for asset management, for easy rental vehicle tracking, for boundary violations, to coordinate vehicle maintenance and service checks, to remotely lock/unlock vehicles doors, and to recover stolen vehicles.

Who else can benefit from a GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems?

o Couriers

o Municipal Managers

o Snow Plow Drivers

o Firefighters

o Waste Removal Engineers

o Mobile Caregivers

o Food Delivery Service

o Law Enforcement

o Tow Company Managers

o Recycling Crews

o EMT’s

o Park Rangers

o ..anyone who wishes to ensure the safety and well being of drivers, vehicles, and their cargoes.

Antique Courier Bicycles

When bicycles were first introduced they were considered to be a recreational toy. However, retailers and message services quickly realized the value of bicycles as a delivery vehicle. Bikes were quicker than traveling by foot, and less expensive and easier to maneuver than horses were. These qualities made them ideal for delivering packages and important messages in large cities.

The first courier bicycles were used by the Paris Stock Exchange in 1870. However, the American company, Western Union, quickly adopted bicycles into their New York City delivery fleet. Bicycles were gradually added to message delivery and package delivery services in other major cities throughout the world. Today, bikes are still a popular vehicle for in-city package and message delivery services.

If you are interested in buying an antique courier bicycle then you need to know what to look for before you start spending money. The first thing that you will want to look for is an old bike that has a single fixed gear. This is a good sign that the bike was designed for a courier service. Next you will want to look for evidence that the bike was owned by a courier service. Look especially for painted company names, company logo stickers and serial numbers that you can use to authenticate the bike with.

When shopping for an antique courier bike you also want collect the story behind the bike. Sometimes this story can be just as valuable as the bike itself. If you are buying the bike from the original owner or from a family member of the bike’s owner, then you need to ask them for the story behind the bike. Ask if there are photos of the bike being used, if there are letters or written information on the bike and if they have any family stories they are willing to share. This information and supplemental materials can add value to the bike if you are able to acquire them.