Shipping Guidelines: How to Send Small Gifts in the Mail

Gifts are important gestures of appreciation and well wishes and at times when you cannot be physically present to bring the gift or if you have attended an event and opted to ship the gift at a later date, there are many shipping or courier companies that can deliver the gift for you. These companies can ship locally, regionally or internationally depending on their capacity and service permits.

When sending gifts, most people like to ship smaller items primarily because shipping rates go higher as the volume, weight and size of the package increase. For small gift items, you can send special and unique items that can be found only in your local area. There are many items that you can ship in the mail, such as photo frames or small kitchen items. Things that come pre-boxed are usually easiest to ship as you usually only need to wrap the item in paper before sending it out as long as the box is sturdy.

Almost any small gift item can be shipped through mail. However, the difference lies in how you package the item because shipping companies have many guidelines depending not only on the size but on the type of gift you will be shipping.

Shipping companies have different guidelines when it comes to packaging but most major packaging guidelines are the same. When a courier company says that you should pack properly, what they mean is you should start with the choosing the proper materials.

Some companies have their own shipping labels that you should use. You should use sturdy boxes and seal them with packing tape. Packing tape is durable and is recommended over other types of tapes because regular household or office tapes can become loose when exposed to too much moisture or heat.

Small breakable materials such as vases can be shipped as well as long as they are double boxed. If there is an empty air space, you must fill this space tightly with packing kernels or crushed styrofoam. For items that have a tendency to spill or leak, including all liquids, gels or even items that have a small quantity of liquid in them, you should have them sealed in a leak proof container.

Remember that all these guidelines are there to protect your gift and the items being shipped by other customers. By following all these guidelines properly, you can be sure that your gift will arrive safely.

The same guidelines apply for large items that you want to ship. For other guidelines and reminders, you should check with the shipping or courier company. The last thing you will want is to find out that your package didn’t arrive or was damaged in delivery. To ease the burden on everyone and especially the person who should be receiving your gift, follow the guidelines whether shipping big or small items. No matter what the size, your shipping carrier can deliver these items for you as long as you follow their shipping guidelines and take the time and effort needed to package your item safely.