Shipping Supplies – Getting Familiar With Bubble Mailers

Did you have bad experience with your courier service where some goods you are sending were all messed up or broken? Indeed, no recipient would be happy to receive items in bad form or shape. Well, if you must really evaluate further, it may not totally be your courier’s fault. Somehow, your choice of shipping envelopes or any other shipping supplies has something to do with it.

Indeed, we can never do without shipping supplies when we need to send out something with the use of a courier service. When ordinary envelopes can’t do, the sealed air mailers or bubble envelopes can certainly do better.

Bubble envelopes or sealed air mailers are special shipping envelopes. They usually have the self-sealing characteristic and are padded bubble wraps or cushions on the inside. They also help keep or maintain the shape and form of the transported item; which is the reason why they are also known as protective mailers.

A lot of individuals also know them as cushion mailers. Why they are called such is already self explanatory. Just to name a few, photos, books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and electronic components, we need to safely place them in these cushion mailers padded with plastic bubble wraps for some real cushioning.

Since they are only special shipping envelopes that are padded with plastic bubble wraps, the use of bubble mailers, should not apply to all items. There are materials that are breakable or fragile that should be better packed with other shipping supplies.

Fragile materials should use other forms of shipping supplies, instead. For example, we can use shipping boxes with bubble wraps inside to wrap and cushion the fragile material really well. Therefore, we can only use the bubble envelope or sealed air mailers for some light or standard cushioning.

It is generally recommended that we stock up on bubble mailers rather than having to buy them in singles. Just like anything sold online, we can definitely save more if we buy in large quantities.