The Sameday Courier Business


There’s just something about these bicycle-riding guys with elbow pads and safety helmets, roller-bladers with the same safety bands, and those skate boarders criss-crossing the streets, weaving through cars and pedestrians that tell you they are not there for fun. The ubiquitous pouch bag slung around their shoulders gives them away-they are couriers. In their faces, you could see the urgency, and the seriousness they give to their jobs, they are employees of Sameday courier service outfits.

There is a growing demand for this service with the pace businesses are going nowadays. UPS, DHL, Fed-Ex, or even the good old US Postal Service just could not equal the kind of service these package delivery outfits provide-mostly they follow a set schedule of pick-ups and deliveries. With local courier service, all you have to do is call them and in a flash (not unlike Mercury), they’re there to pick up your parcel to be delivered to your intended recipient.

A typical day-to-day delivery of these couriers range from such items as small as letters, documents, to large envelopes and briefs; flowers, foods, to small packages or boxes for medical items, and even pets. It is not unusual though that local courier services also handle transmittal of large bulk of items or commercial freight shipments that are to be delivered to airports.


First thing you must have is a mode of transportation. A van would be good; a dependable bicycle actually would be a better choice if you work downtown. You may also use your car if that’s the only thing you have. What we’re talking about here is that you must have a vehicle to ensure that you deliver packages fast-that is what Sameday Courier Service is all about. If you don’t want to “smear” your van or your car yet with painted advertisement of your services, you may use magnetic signs. It is important that you place your company name, address, telephone number, city, and most important of all, the nature of your business. This will help you get more clients, and this will help you assume an “official business” identity (this would also work wonders in getting through strictly guarded gates.)

Another thing you have to carefully consider are the type of items you will pick up and deliver as a Sameday courier service. These items will then guide you with a list of clients based on the type of industry or business they belong, e.g., for simple parcels, or documents, you may wish to contact trading centers, business offices or legal offices. The latter have a lot of transmittal that need to be delivered or claimed on a daily basis and they would always need the services of a Sameday courier outfit. You may want to expand to specialized clients like hospitals, factories, etc. You will be surprised with the numerous transmittals they would require that could not be handled by their own car pool.

There are also the requirements that you have to take care of when putting up your courier venture like business permit, bond, and other licensing details that are required by the different departments of your local government. Even if you intend to operate your Sameday courier business by yourself at first, it would do you good if you would have a business photo ID that you could take anywhere. Nothing beats dealing with someone who is properly identified. A set of business cards would also help expand your business.