Trash the Wedding Dress and Treasure the Wedding Photos

Believe it or not, the latest trend in wedding photography is to trash the wedding dress and have photographs taken while you are doing it!

That beautiful wedding dress that the brides poor Dad paid $2,000, or more, ruined while the bride and groom roll round in the surf and sand trying to emulate Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr’s famous kiss in From Here To Eternity.

As announced in the Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper, Canadian Tammy Roche married a typical Aussie bloke and wanted to have an iconic Australian image to celebrate the union. She also wanted something different.

Trouble was that Tammy married her partner, Mark Barefoot in the snow at Banff, Canada in December last year.

So what she did was later trash her wedding dress while wading through the pounding surf at the Gold Coast and rolling round in the sand with the high-rises of Surfers Paradise City in the background in a photographic tribute to her marriage.

The result is a compelling set of images where a $2,000 wedding dress plays second fiddle to the fun-loving photos. The couple’s decision to trash Tammy’s wedding dress after their wedding day is a concept that has taken off in the US. and Canada and now spread to Australia.

Website, trash the dress.wordpress, Founder, Mark Eric says that trashing the dress is an opportunity to break from tradition and have fun while producing some striking, if unconventional, photos. His website shows brides floating lakes, lying on sandy beaches or standing stranded in sandy deserts.

Eric says that the main idea behind the trash the wedding dress session is that it is okay to break from tradition, even if it means getting the wedding dress a little dirty.

And by the way, Tammy paid for her wedding dress herself and it was far from destroyed. After washing the wedding dress carefully herself it was none the worse for her passionate love making on the sand and in the sea.