What Service Types Do Couriers Offer?

Most courier companies have services that go beyond just picking up your package and shipping it for you. In addition, they have lots of service options which support that most basic service. That is why it can be useful to take some time to do some research into your Chicago courier service. You may find out that they offer some services that you could utilize which you have been missing out on up until this point.

The service that is most often overlooked by people from their courier companies is storage. Most courier companies out there are now offering at least some kind of a short term storage option that can be a great savings for companies over having to maintain extra storage of their own. Other companies might even combine full scale warehousing services to go with their courier business.

If you like the notion of using the storage options that your courier has, you should look into other services they might offer which compliment that service. Many offer things like photo or online inventory services. Quite often, they will combine this with some type of online fulfillment software so that you can easily dispatch orders from your storage units which they will ship out for you immediately. This eliminates them having to come pick up the goods from your own facility when shipping, and can speed the amount of time your clients have to wait.

Other services that courier companies might offer include things like logistics consulting and distribution services. This is good for companies that might be expanding in to larger areas of business and are unsure about how to handle all the logistics of such expansion.

There are also a lot of services that couriers offer within shipping, mostly relating to the speed at which you can have your package shipped. Generally, the rule is that the more you are willing to pay, the faster you are going to be able to get your package shipped out to you. There are options offered by these companies that include things like next day, same day, and one hour delivery options.

The fastest service that will be ever offered by a courier will be called rush, express, or point to point delivery. This means that instead of a vehicle making several deliveries simultaneously, its only job is going to be to run out and pick up and deliver your shipment as fast as possible.